Yale Law Professor Proposes Three New Rules to Protect Humans From Data-Crunching Robots

Published by , January 9, 2017 8:47 am

(Forbes) Yale Law School Professor Jack Balkin has come up with a few laws for the age of Big Data. Balkin says the sheer volume of personal information controlled by companies posing as kindly robot helpers (Siri and Alexa) that collect terabytes of data puts them in the position of a trusted financial advisor or fiduciary, with a duty not to use it in a way that manipulates or damages consumers. Balkin proposes three new rules to prevent data-crunching robots from harming their customers:
1. Algorithmic operators are information fiduciaries.
2. Algorithmic operators have duties to the public.
3. Their central public duty is not to be “algorithmic nuisances” that externalize the social costs of their tools on the general public.

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