Vantage Robotics’ ‘Snap’ Drone Has Propellers Enclosed in Cage

Published by , September 21, 2015 11:50 am

(Fstoppers) — Innovation in the consumer drone market is picking up, and Vantage Robotics’ “Snap” is a good example. Available for the pre-order price of $895, with a promise to begin shipping in spring of 2016, Snap is well on the path to providing the best combination of image quality, weight, price, and most importantly for its segment, portability. Snap has an exceptional modularity, combined with a lightweight, user-safe design that breaks apart and folds the largest part (the four propeller/motor units known as “Tensegrity Pods”) in half once the main body, or fuselage, detaches magnetically.

The unique design of the Tensegrity Pods protects users by enclosing the propellers in a cage designed after a spark of inspiration from the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Because of this feature, bumping into the drone or catching it from a funny angle won’t end in a trip to the emergency room. Additionally, the cage-like, carbon-fiber-strengthened design of the pods — combined with MagConnect technology that allows parts to break away during impact to distribute kinetic energy — help better protect Snap on impact.

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