Understanding AI’s Impact on Law Firms and Courts of the Future

Published by , July 31, 2017 12:41 pm

(Guardian) Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on legal services could set applicants apart when competing for legal training contracts, says Christina Blacklaws, director of innovation at Cripps LLP. Blacklaws thinks law degrees have fallen behind when it comes to equipping graduates with the skills they need. “Some universities are grappling with these issues, but I think they’re in the minority,” she says. “Most universities continue to teach a traditional curriculum, which was fine up until a few years ago, but might not properly prepare young people.”
Some aspects of lawyers’ jobs are more vulnerable to change than others. While algorithms are effective at processing data, they’re weaker in areas requiring emotional intelligence and human judgment..Algorithms are good at making decisions that are more or less binary – judges, for instance, have a 40% chance of replacement. According to Andrew Murray, a professor of technology law at the London School of Economics, lawyers must give advice which presents a number of views taking account of complex issues, and “that’s more difficult to programme”.


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