UBTECH Robotics Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Alpha 2 Humanoid Robot

Published by , November 16, 2015 11:30 am

(Robotics Trends) — UBTECH Robotics has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its new Alpha 2 humanoid robot. Designed as a robotic assistant to make “household life easier,” Alpha 2 stands 17 inches tall, is 9 inches wide, and weighs about 5 pounds. Alpha 2 can take pictures and videos, make calls, check voicemails, read and send texts and emails, and control WiFi-enabled office equipment. Alpha 2 can also post to your social media accounts using voice commands. UBTECH wants to raise $100,000 for the Alpha 2 humanoid robot and start shipping in February 2016.

Alpha 2 has legs to move around. The companion robot has 20 servo motors that bend its joints, helping the robot be your personal dance partner, DJ, singer, yoga and workout instructor, and more. Alpha 2 can operate for “more than 1 hour” per charge. It can tutor children and entertain pets, remind its owners to take medication, and will integrate with smart appliances like lights, locks, and security systems.

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