SwarmFarm Robotics Launches First Crop Spraying Technology

Published by , March 27, 2016 1:54 pm

(ABC.net.au) SwarmFarm founder Andrew Bate came up with the idea of using autonomous robots in fields while driving his heavy tractor through his wheat paddock. His idea is that instead of using large tractors and sprayers, farmers could use “swarms” of autonomous, collision-avoiding robots that can spray with accuracy.
Bate’s idea became reality this week when the world’s first robot designed to work with others to spray crops in swarms was launched in central Queensland. Former Queensland premier Campbell Newman, who joined SwarmFarm Robotics following last year’s election loss, attended the launch at a farm along with 300 people. Bate’s idea idea took five years to design and develop, but the robotic crop-spraying system is now ready for the commercial market.

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