Superflex Wearable Robotics Spun Out of SRI International

Published by , April 24, 2016 9:01 pm

(MercuryNews) SRI International announced it has spun off a new company, Superflex Inc., to develop wearable robotics worn under ones clothing. The applications are aimed at enhancing the human musculoskeletal system. The new company has not discussed possible applications as it shops for investors and commercial partners, but the technology comes from years of research SRI’s robotics team conducted for a military program aimed at enhancing soldier performance.
“There are some applications that are medical-oriented, system technology-oriented, there are some applications to serve the aging population, which is really an international issue,” said Superflex CEO and founder Rich Mahoney, who left his job as director of SRI Robotics to launch the company. “There’s literally hundreds of millions of people that could benefit. The reason that we’re really careful about announcing (possible) products is because I don’t want to create an expectation from anyone that there’s a product for them that will emerge in the next few weeks.

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