Sony & CMU Researching Robots for Food Preparation and Delivery; Release Demo Video

Published by , November 12, 2018 1:15 pm

(TheSpoon) Sony and Carnegie Mellon University are collaborating to research robots for “optimizing food preparation, cooking and delivery.”
A new Sony promo video entitled “AI x Robotics x Cooking,” shows off two scenarios. The first is an older gentleman who is prepping for what seems to be a Thanksgiving get together with friends and family. In it, the robot assistant, which looks like a long, plain countertop, quietly springs into action as the man tells it that there are more guests coming to the party. The second half of the Sony video is all about commercial markets. In it, a hip young couple goes out for a fancy evening in a piano lounge of the Death Star. The robot in this setting is round, with people sitting around it like at a bar. Facial recognition is used to bring up the diners’ preferences, and robo-bartender arms whip up a cocktail.

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