Sony Investing in AI & Robotics Via the ‘Sony Innovation’ Fund

Published by , December 18, 2017 1:10 pm

(GDOnline)  Sony has announced that it is strengthening its video and audio technologies through artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics by fusing its constantly-evolving core technologies with the very latest in technology. Sony said in a recent statement, The ‘Sony Innovation Fund’, a corporate venture capital which facilitates collaboration with leading external researches and start-up companies around the world, is focusing on AI and robotics to support the growth of investee businesses. This has resulted in investment in over 10 firms from Japan, the US, Europe, and elsewhere, it said.
Sony has redefined its AI and robotics technology to deliver, aibo, an evolved model of AIBO in November this year. The new version aibo has a pleasant appearance and vibrant movements and is capable of forming an emotional bond with members of a household.

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