SeismicAI Earthquake Early Warning System Aims to Reduce Injuries

Published by , April 9, 2018 1:25 pm

( SeismicAI offers a regional earthquake early warning system (EEWS). The system’s network of sensors will provide an effective alert of an coming earthquake more rapidly and more accurately than other local or regional EEWS on the market, according to the company.
Seismic AI leverages years of seismological research conducted by leading academic personnel. User alerts are delivered to smoke detector like devices or software clients allowing easy integration with our customer’s control and management infrastructure.
Early warning of an earthquake could provide enough time for residents to take shelter, shut down gas & power lines, alert first responders/open firehouse doors. and more life-saving measure.
The Seismic AI sensors are placed along known seismic faults. The unique layout of the sensors and the proprietary seismic algorithm allows a 100% accurate detection of a P-wave in under a second along with the location of the quake epicenter. The network can be an upgrade to existing seismic networks as well. Each layer in the platform uses state of the art encryption and authentication algorithms and processes to ensure that the systems connected to the device are protected from malicious hacking attacks. SeismicAI exhibited at the in Tijuana last month.