Robots Believed to Dominate CES 2017

Published by , January 9, 2017 8:42 am

(USAToday)  USA Today’s Jefferson Graham reported that robots dominated CES because of the popularity of Amazon’s Alexa for showcasing the technology of a voice-activated personal assistant. Attendees saw robots that make morning coffee, pour candy, fold clothes, turn lights on and off, project a movie on the wall, and handle daily chores. Most impressively, robots are looking just like a human–and in case robot resembled legendary scientist Albert Einstein, with facial expressions and movement.
Graham asked if robots will go on the attack, like they have in so many movies and TV series? “We’re doing our best to make sure the robots care,” said the founder of Hanson Robotics. “I want robots to form a positive relationship with people, to be an interface for deep learning and artificial intelligence, so the AI can come to care about us. This will change the world.”

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