Robots Are Learning to Adapt and Teach Themselves to Survive

Published by , November 14, 2016 1:52 am

(E&T)  Acquired knowledge is driving the software behind other robots in development to make them more flexible. “What distinguishes this new generation of robots is that they can adapt,” says Professor David Lane of the University of Edinburgh and director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. The team led by Lane wrote a report on robotics and autonomous systems for the Lloyds Register Foundation, in which Lane describes the coming generation of machines as “the arms, legs and sensors of big data working in the Internet of Things”.
At UC Berkeley, a team led by Pieter Abbeel has developed a robot called Brett that is teaching itself to perform domestic jobs. At Google, other machines are training themselves how to grab, hold and move objects instead of demanding developers write algorithmic code to do the job.