Robotics a Major Part of Industry 4.0

Published by , September 5, 2016 10:12 am

(ZDNet) Industry 4.0 involves the heavy use of automation and data exchange in manufacturing environments, encompassing areas such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, among others. With Industry 4.0, manufacturers will be able to operate “smarter” factories, in which they can more easily tailor products for specific customers. Management consulting firm McKinsey and Company noted that Industry 4.0 “is more than just a flashy catchphrase. A confluence of trends and technologies promises to reshape the way things are made.”
Robotics is part of the Industry 4.0 picture. The market for smart machines in the Americas, including autonomous robots, expert systems, and digital assistants, is growing, in large part because of the rise of Industry 4.0, according to a recent report from Technavio Research.

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