Robotic Design Projects Being Inspired by Insects

Published by , November 19, 2018 1:49 pm

(InterestingEngineering) Insects accomplish great feats in nature, with abilities that would make even some of your favorite heroes red with envy. Robotic scientists have taken a hard look at bugs, learning from them and utilizing that research to make huge steps in robotics. This article describes several robotics projects that are using insects for design inspiration.
James McLurkin of MIT has created robots that behaved like ants. His robots weigh about eleven ounces and approximately four inches in diameter, as well as two inches tall. McLurkin’s bugs have small internal computers that have allowed the robots to communicate with each other, similar to a colony of ants.
RoboBee is inspired by what the name implies, bees. Created by Robert Wood of Harvard’s Microbiotics Lab.