Roboteam’s Soldier-Turned Robotics CEO Now Produces Tech to Make Soldiers Safer

Published by , February 27, 2017 12:46 pm

(Stars&Stripes) Shahar Abuhazira is the chief executive Roboteam, a company that has sold nearly 1,000 remote-controlled gadgets to governments in 20 countries, including Australia, Poland, France, Italy, Israel, the United States, Britain and Canada.  These high-tech robots are capable of carrying out at least some of the dangerous tasks  Abuhazira once performed, whether for a National Guardsman patrolling tunnels on the border of Mexico or a soldier in Gaza, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.knows about dark places.
Roboteam was started in 2009 and has grown to more than 100 employees, three-quarters of whom are U.S. military veterans. “I knew after being in combat situations that I wanted to do things that will help protect and train soldiers and make it safer for them,” said Abuhazira, an accountant by training.

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