Robot Monk Dispensing Spiritual Advice at Buddhist Temple in China

Published by , May 2, 2016 1:35 pm

(NewYorkTimes) Xian’er is a two-foot-tall, advice-dispensing robot at the Longquan (Dragon Spring) Temple, a place of Buddhist worship in the mountains northwest of Beijing, has Xian’er is an object of fascination in China amid an increasingly urgent pursuit of spirituality and, more recently, artificial intelligence.
Xian Fan, the head of the Comic Center, told National Business Daily that the temple did not plan to commercialize the robot and that its development was for “the public welfare.” And the monks do not seem to be planning a franchise. There is only one robot monk for now, Xian Fan told Beijing News, adding, “We’re not doing this for commerce, but just because we want to use more modern ways to spread Buddhist teachings.”

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