Robot Livestreaming from Bottom of Chesapeake Bay

Published by , May 15, 2017 8:18 am

(TheMerkle) The Global Explorer, a robot equipped with cameras, has been sent out on a mission off the coast of Chesapeake Bay to observe ocean life. The robot has made this location its permanent residence for the past eight days now. The robot is broadcasting a 24/7 livestream of its surroundings. Over the course of the past eight days, viewers have seen giant whale skeletons, crabs, dozens of different fish species, and beautiful corals. It is becoming quite the educational tool, in a weird way.
This mission is led by the US Geological Survey, as they aim to explore methane seeps located in this area. Exploring these methane seeps is quite important, considering they are the home of many unique oceanic life forms one would not find anywhere else in the water. For science geeks, this livestream is well worth checking out. Although it is not necessarily action-packed most of the time, it serves as a direct view of the strip of ocean separating the coast of Chesapeake Bay and the deep ocean.