RoboCup’s Goal is to Have Robots Competing Against Humans in Future Tournaments

Published by , August 31, 2015 11:20 am

(SportTechie) — The future goal of the Robot World Cup Initiative, better known as “RoboCup,” is to have robots competing against humans in sports. More than 40 countries are now represented at the annual RoboCup; this year’s competition had over 400 participants — ranging from engineers, professors, and students. The object of this competition is quite simple; it wants to promote robotics and artificial intelligence around the world through research, innovation, and fun.

RoboCup has five leagues of play, with the most popular and most challenging technically being the Humanoid League, where the robots most resemble human anatomy. In the future, RoboCup wants to challenge engineers to create robots that will be able to fill a whole team roster and compete against humans. Its goal is to have human-like robots by the year 2050.

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