Revitalizing the Ancient Art of Mosaics with Robotics

Published by , April 9, 2018 1:24 pm

( Artaic is a comprehensive technology system using CAD design to create mosaics, from the software to the tools to the robotic assembly. With a technical background as a trained mechanical engineer—Acworth earned his PhD at Stanford before coming to MIT in 2002 for his postdoc—he sees himself as a tool builder. The company was created by Ted Acworth, a lover of art and tools. He knows that mosaics are rare now, in part, because of increased costs associated with the laborious task of chipping away small pieces of glass, tile, or stone and assembling them into images or patterns.
“Artaic is really a tool for creative people to design and fabricate beautiful works of art. I’m Just an engineer guy at the service of creatives,” says Acworth, who also worked with NASA on space telescope development. Because part of the mission at Arctaic is not just to revitalize the ancient art form but to make the medium accessible to more artists, the software is even available for download so that any artists and designers can try themselves.

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