Researchers Investigating How to Teach Ethics to Robots

Published by , October 16, 2017 12:18 pm

(BBC)  Researchers are asking how we can teach ethics to robots especially as robots become capable of making crucial choices about our lives. A partial solution might be to insist that if things do go wrong, humans have a way to audit the code – a way of scrutinising what’s happened. Since it would be both silly and unsatisfactory to hold the robot responsible for an action (what’s the point of punishing a robot?), a further judgement would have to be made about who was morally and legally culpable for a robot’s bad actions.
Like it or not, in the future more and more decisions that are currently taken by humans will be delegated to robots.
There are certainly reasons to worry. We may not fully understand why a robot has made a particular decision. And we need to ensure that the robot does not absorb and compound our prejudices. But there’s also a potential upside. The robot may turn out to be better at some ethical decisions than we are.