Research-Originated Robotic Technologies Pose Security Risks in Consumer Markets

Published by , March 13, 2017 12:08 pm

(NewsTalk) Research from cyber security firm IOActive, shows that in its current form at least, robotics technology pose more security risks than benefits. The research found about 50 cybersecurity flaws across six of the most popular robot manufacturers in use in the world today, many of them lacking even the very basic levels of security such as password and username authentication. The report found flaws that could be used by hackers to maliciously spy via the robot’s microphone and camera, leak personal or business data, and in extreme cases, cause serious physical harm or damage to people and property in the vicinity of a hacked robot.
“The industry is starting to go mainstream, but because they haven’t been widely adopted yet, maybe consumers don’t prioritise security,” senior security consultant with IOActive, Lucas Apa, told Newstalk. “Most of the commercial projects on the market right now, they come from research projects.”

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