Raffles City Complex in Beijing Rents Yunji Food Delivery Robots

Published by , November 26, 2018 1:45 pm

(WSJ) Robots are starting to replace humans in doing some repetitive and difficult jobs, operating alongside humans in everyday life in limited but effective ways. Robots made by Yunji Technology Co. of Beijing, which leases them for about $650 a month are being used at hotels, hospitals and office buildings, many of which have banned lunch-toting delivery people from their elevators (which can get jammed during the noon rush). Yunji says its aim is to bridge the gap between delivery destination and the transfer to a consumer, contending that it’s cheaper to hire a robot than a human to do such delivery work.
The Raffles City office-retail complex in Beijing, where The Wall Street Journal has a bureau, rented two robots for food delivery, naming them Xiao Lai and Xiao Fu (“Little Lai” and “Little Fu”). “I don’t think these are gimmicks,” said Aaron D. Ames, a robotics expert at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. “I think they’re trial runs of something that’s much more promising.”

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