Quatar Researching the Use of Robotic Therapy for Children with Autism

Published by , April 4, 2016 4:58 am

(PeninsulaQuatar) Social robotics is likely to be introduced in Qatar to provide therapy for children with autism as a result of a Qatar University research. Dr. John-John Cabibihan, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering said the extent to which the robots have been successful in helping children with social, emotional and communicational deficit has been investigated. The research found that people with autism have trouble in communicating with others and social robotics could be used to help improve their interaction with others.
The use of social robotics for autistic therapy for children is practiced in some countries and it is being examined in Qatar to make it more relevant to local culture and language. The research under way since 2012 under a QU grant will also check internal changes in children by testing their heart beat and sweat levels. It would also examine the development of social robotics to meet the needs of children with autism.

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