NASA’s Valkyrie Robot a First Step to Human Colonization of Mars

Published by , March 20, 2017 10:25 am

(TechCrunch) NASA’s Valkyrie (R5) six-foot, 290-pound robot is a first step toward a goal of human colonization of Mars and beyond. The Lowell, MA model is one of four units produced by NASA. The space agency held onto one robot for its own purposes and awarded two as research loans to Northeastern University and nearby MIT, while a fourth was acquired by Scotland’s University of Edinburgh.
Northeastern acquired the $2 million robot in 2015, when Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Taskin Padir penned a proposal outlining a plan to help NASA test the hardware for its Space Robotics Challenge, an open competition designed to help prep Valkryie’s successors prepare for the important task of setting up hostile Martian terrain for human settlement.

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