Multi-Lingual Robot Designed to Guide Travelers Through Airports

Published by , November 30, 2015 11:20 am

(Gizmag) — SPENCER is a multi-lingual robot that’s designed to guide travelers through airports. SPENCER is loaded with map data of the airport in question and is able to ascertain its current location via a combination of sensors such as accelerometers and range-finding lasers. It uses the latter both to avoid objects in its path and to gauge its proximity to known landmarks – by comparing detected landmarks to ones on its maps.

The project was initiated by Dutch airline KLM as a way of reducing the costs incurred when passengers miss their flights due to getting lost. Researchers and businesses in five European countries are now involved in the development of the robot. SPENCER (Social situation-aware perception and action for cognitive robots) will break new ground for cognitive systems in populated environments by addressing basic problems in making robots more socially aware. Click here to read research discussion of the Spencer project can be read on Sweden’s Örebro University site.

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