MIT’s Student Robots Battle on American Revolution Mockup

Published by , May 9, 2016 4:18 am

(MIT News)  MIT’s annual competition for undergraduate Course 2.007 in mechanical engineering concluded with on a battleground modeled after major landmarks from the American Revolution. The soldiers were 32-student-built robots, the best of 153 entrants. In head-to-head battles, robots sought to outscore their opponent by completing various tasks on the course, such as hanging small lanterns on the North Church steeple, pushing bags of tea off the wooden ship, scaling a steep hill to simulate Paul Revere’s ride, and hiding cannonballs under the Old North Bridge.
A simple, persistent, and powerful design won the day. Sophomore Austin Brown autonomous robot was designed to launch from a custom-designed platform onto a rail bordering the Paul Revere hill. Two small motors powered the robot, racking up points each time it successfully scaled the hill. In the competition’s final round, the bot climbed the 60-degree slope every 1.5 seconds — a blistering rate that ultimately won the contest.

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