Mark Cuban Warns United States About Other Countries Taking Lead in AI

Published by , November 27, 2017 1:29 pm

(YahooFinance) Billionaire tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban argues that artificial intelligence (AI) is going to “change everything, 180 degrees.” He warns the U.S. about allowing other countries to take the lead in AI. “And so, Vladimir Putin says the winner in AI controls the world. China puts together a future plan saying whoever dominates in AI — and they’re subsidizing Tencent, Alibaba (BABA), et cetera, right?” Cuban said. “It is a race. We cut our Office of Technology and Science to one person who was an assistant to Peter Thiel. That’s where we stand.”
“All these things have happened that have changed how we do business, changed how we lived our lives, changed everything, right, the internet. But what we’re going to see with artificial intelligence dwarfs all of that,” Cuban said in an interview with hedge fund manager J. Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital on RealVision Television, a subscription financial video service.

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