Japan’s Global Robotics Equity Fund Popular with Older Investors

Published by , June 20, 2016 3:48 am

(FinancialTimes) The Nikko Asset Management (NAM) Global Robotics Equity Fund, has gained just 0.6 per cent since is launch in August 2015.  However, the Nikkei 225 Average — the benchmark against which retail Japanese investors tend to judge success — has fallen more than 17 per cent over the same period. “When we originally thought up this fund, we thought this was going to attract young, male investors. Actually, our distributors are telling us that women and older investors are buying strongly,” said the fund’s creator, Naofumi Chiba.
The robotics fund’s assets are divided roughly in thirds among the US, Japan and Europe, with its top holdings the Japanese factory automation group Keyence and US-based Rockwell Automation. It represents a portfolio of 41 stocks from what its managers say is a potential universe of about 500 equities worldwide. Launched with assets of about $1bn, the fund has swelled to nearly $5bn. The surge has been driven by retail investors lured, in part, by the prospect of a yen-based fund that diversifies them into at least six other currencies including the dollar, euro and Swiss franc.


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