iRobot Dominating its Market Space

Published by , July 4, 2016 12:23 am

(SeekingAlpha) iRobot has maintained a steady 66%-68% global market share in home vacuum cleaner robots for several years. With the nearest competitors at under 10% share, it is clear that iRobot dominates the space. Seeking Alpha believes that now is an excellent time for investors to jump on board with iRobot.
The company maintains a sizeable #1 share in all regions, and this appears to be holding steady for several years despite increasing pricing pressure from some competitors and increasing feature sets. Some analysts have argued that iRobot is becoming more of a consumer electronics company with its pure focus on the home, but we would argue that this is far from the truth as iRobot is continually being a first mover with R&D advancements and the release of the Roomba 980 with its full WiFi connectivity

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