Intel Showcases Smart, Wearable Devices That Connect to Robots and the Internet

Published by , August 24, 2015 11:20 am

(Daily Sabah) — Intel Developer Forum 2015 showcased new smart devices that can connect to robots and the Internet. To illustrate, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich issued commands to robotic spiders with realsense cameras by use of smart bracelets using the Curie module. Intel’s Curie is a low-power hardware module that can fit inside a button and uses sensors to track parametric information. Krzanich forecasts that computers will become a part of our bodies in the future. He pointed out that computers are changing form and emerging as a robot or a pair of smart gloves that become a part of our bodies.

Robotics can become like one of our organs through smart software by connecting to the Internet via WiFi. They are becoming devices that use voice communication and can imitate our gestures.

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