Germany’s Neato Debuts Wi-Fi Networked Robotic Vacuums

Published by , September 3, 2018 2:38 pm

(VentureBeat) Neato is a startup operating within the 130-year-old German Vorwerk Group, has debuted a new lineup of ultra-efficient vacuums that connect to your home Wi-Fi network and send cleaning reports to a companion smartphone app. The $499 Botvac D4 Connected replaces Neato’s Botvac D3. The entry-level vacuum has an updated look and feel, with a cube-textured pattern and laser-cut metal inlay that belies its price point.
Neato was one of the first to integrate Alexa and Google Home with its vacuums. Its other claim to fame: No-Go Lines, which lets you identify areas on floor plans where the robots won’t clean.

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