Furhat Launches its Social Robot–a Disembodied Computer Interface in a Bust

Published by , November 26, 2018 2:09 pm

(Engadget) Furhat Robotics has launched its face-swapping social robot. Unlike the majority of robots, Furhat isn’t built with any particular purpose in mind. The disembodied bust can look and sound like all kinds of different, virtual people; it can take on any number of personalities. It’s pitched as a new type of computer interface — more engaging and understanding than any screen or smart speaker or AI chatbot.
During the many years of development, the company’s attracted various partners. Merck is turning Furhat into a rehabilitation tool for multiple sclerosis sufferers, KMPG is training it to dispense financial advice and Honda thinks it could help the elderly interact with smart homes. It’s also attracted the interest of Disney and Intel.

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