Festo 3D-Prints Robotic Replica of the Flying Fox

Published by , April 9, 2018 1:23 pm

(3Ders.org)  German electronics company Festo has 3D printed a robotic replica of the flying fox, the bat that is native to parts of Asia and Australasia. Made from 3D printed components as well as elastane fabric, the fully-functional BionicFlyingFox can soar through the air in a similar way to the real-life creation. The finished BionicFlyingFox has a wingspan of more than 7 feet (228 cm) and is almost 3 feet long (87 cm) but it is relatively lightweight, weighing just 580 grams.
In the artificial prototype by Festo, the engineers made use of carbon rods to create the bionic fox’s body, as well as various 3D printed components to help it move in an effective way. To replicate the skin of the bat’s wings, they made use of the wafer-thin elastane fabric. Elastane is typically used in garments like underwear and skinny fit jeans, due to its high flexibility.

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