Experts from 14 Countries Oppose Proposal to Grant Personhood Status to Robots

Published by , April 16, 2018 1:38 pm

(InterestingEngineering) Legal, technology and commerce experts from 14 countries have signed an open letter addressed to the European Parliament in opposition to a report which proposed granting personhood status to robots. The 156 experts included law professor Nathalie Nevejans from the CNRS Ethics Committee and emeritus professor of AI and robotics Noel Sharkey from the Foundation for Responsible Robotics.
The letter goes on to express concerns with a paragraph mentioned in a 2017 European Parliament report which indicates that self-learning autonomous robots could be given a “status of electronic persons.” This legal status of sorts would allow manufacturers to insure their robots as individuals so that any crimes the machines commit would not become the liability of their creators.