ElliQ Offers Smart Assistance to Elderly and Their Family Members

Published by , January 16, 2017 3:44 am

(TechTimes)  The ElliQ device offers smart assistance device wants to offer smart assistance specifically to the elderly. The target puts ElliQ uniquely positioned to tap a possibly lucrative market, at least in its segment in the tech world. The device is also being aimed at children of the elderly who requires a mechanism to monitor their parents at home. The device is capable of sharing data so that family members could check the condition of an elder at home.
ElliQ wants to do is to simplify the way senior citizens interact with technology especially if they live on their own. It is not yet clear if it can also control other devices that fall in the smart home category. It also provides functions that can meaningfully help its owners. For example, it can remind those who are already forgetful about their medication schedule. The device could even arrange for a ride, and other tasks that could make life easier for its owner.

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