Deceased Repair Technician’s Family Sues Five Robotics Companies for Liability in Fatal Accident

Published by , March 13, 2017 12:10 pm

(TheRegister)  The family and estate of deceased repair technician Wanda Holbrook is suing five robotics companies they say are responsible for Holbrook’s death. The suit claims that the companies that built, installed, and maintained the robotics at a trailer hitch assembly plant should be held liable for her fatal accident at the plant in 2015.
According to the lawsuit, Holbrook, a journeyman technician, was performing routine maintenance on one of the robots on the trailer hitch assembly line when the unit unexpectedly activated and attempted to load a part into the unit being repaired, crushing Holbrook’s head. “At all relevant times, technically feasible alternative design and engineering practices were available that could have prevented the harm without significantly impairing the usefulness or desirability of the automation system to users and without creating equal or greater risk of harm to others,” the suit reads.

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