Danish Teacher and Pedagogical Socialist is Pioneering the Incorporation of Robots in Classrooms

Published by , June 6, 2016 4:50 am

(RoboticsTrends) Robots are slowly continuing to make their way into classrooms, both as a teaching tool and a technology for kids to study. Rikke Berggreen Paaskesen, a Danish teacher and pedagogical sociologist, is one of Denmark’s pioneers when it comes to incorporating robots into education. Paaskesen also has a background in robotics and holds a certificate for building and programming LEGO EV3 robots. She has been working as a manager for Coding Pirates based in Aarhus Denmark, an organization that makes new technology available to kids.
“I see robots in education as a motivational and creative medium to promote a different and more experimental approach to learning,” said Paaskesen. Paaskesen’s ideas of incorporating robotics into education calls for an interdisciplinary approach, which sounds great in theory, but it can be harder to implement. Teachers in the various subjects are bound to curriculum and often cannot find the time and space to “go off track.”

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