‘Co-Bots’ Begin Working Alongside Humans in Restaurants & Resorts

Published by , June 11, 2018 2:01 pm

(BusinessStandard)  “Cobots”, collaborative robots that work alongside humans are getting less expensive and easier to program. Cobots made up just 5% of the $14 billion industrial-robot market in 2017, according to research by Minneapolis-based venture-capital firm Loup Ventures. Loup estimates sales will jump to 27% of a $33 billion market by 2025 as demand for the robotic arms rises. Businesses are now beginning to put robots to work at new tasks in bars, restaurants and clinics.
“Robots are now crossing the chasm from a niche to a mass market,” said Angus Muirhead, who runs a robotics fund for Credit Suisse. He likened the current adoption of robotics to the introduction in the late 1990s of smaller handsets that launched mobile phones into wider use.

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