Canadian Pallet Manufacturer Uses Robots to Save Labor Force from Backbreaking Work

Published by , October 3, 2016 1:34 am

(PalletEnterprise) Quebec pallet manufacturer, Interco, saves labor by using robots and automation to feed boards into one of its CAPE Mach 2 lines. Interco, a pallet manufacturer in Quebec, was the first to run a robotic pallet line in Canada and was one of the first in North America. Today, it operates a CAPE Mach 2 nailing line with robotic board feeding.
“Utilizing robots is one way to save your labor force from backbreaking work and increase the pool of eligible workers who can handle the job. Robotics can make it easier to recruit line workers as well as demonstrate your commitment to smart technology. Automation can also lead to better processes and pacing because the line is the one that dictates the speed unless the operator hits the stop button,” said Eric Fafard, president and founder of Interco,

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