Boston Dynamics Shows Video of Humanoid Robot Atlas Walking in the Woods

Published by , August 18, 2015 11:10 am

(BetaBoston) — Google-owned robot maker Boston Dynamics’ founder Marc Raibert spoke about two- and four-legged machines that walk and run and keep their balance at the Fab Lab Conference and Symposium held in Cambridge in early August. Raibert showed a video of the company’s two-legged humanoid robot Atlas walking in the woods, noisily shuffling down what looks like a deserted hiking trail. The version of Atlas that walked through the woods is still tethered to a power source and therefore not completely independent, Raibert noted. A version of the Atlas robot got some extensive real-world training earlier this year as a contestant in the $2 million DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Other speakers at the event included Harvard swarm robotics expert Radhika Nagpal; MIT mechanical engineering professor Sangbae Kim, whose lab built the galloping “cheetah” quadruped; and Gil Pratt, a DARPA program manager who led the Robotics Challenge this year.

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