Blue Frog Robotics Raises $600K on Indiegogo for Companion Robot, Buddy

Published by , September 14, 2015 11:40 am

(ZDNet) — Blue Frog Robotics, a French company with offices in Boston and San Francisco, has raised more than $600,000 in its successful Indiegogo campaign for Buddy, a companion robot that it wants to make “accessible to everyone.” The Buddy bot makes video calls, sends messages, acts as a calendar and alarm clock, monitors the home when users are out, interfaces with popular smart home solutions, offers assistance in the kitchen, and entertains the family with music, and videos.

Buddy is 22-inches tall and fully mobile, with three wheels and lots of sensors that enable it, with the help of some robust AI technology to learn and interact with the world around him. The robot’s brain is an integrated eight-inch smart tablet with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. In addition to face and object detection, recognition, and tracking, Buddy is able to hear, speak, and make coinciding head movements, which Blue Frog believes makes the unit feel, if not human, at least something other than machine.

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