Anki Launches Compact ‘Vector’ Robot for Home

Published by , August 13, 2018 1:05 pm

(MoneyControl) US-based robotics and artificial intelligence company Anki is all set to launch a robot designed for the home, named ‘Vector’. Anki is targeting early adopters via Kickstarter. A 30-day campaign has been designed, which ends on September 30, and offers early customers a 20 percent discount on the $249 price tag. Early access to the SDK is another advantage of this campaign, and the robot will ship three days before the official launch on October 12, for the early buyers.
Vector is a compact robot that can practically fit into your palm, and can be carried around in your pocket. The official price of Vector has been set at $249 on launch. Vector can detect your face, answer questions and also play games, apart from providing weather updates, control smart home devices, identify people and it comes with an in-built 120-degree HD camera.

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