Alphabet’s Moonshot Division X Striving to Make Robots a Reality

Published by , October 16, 2017 12:17 pm

(AndroidHeadlines)  In a comprehensive recent address published on X’s official website, Alphabet’s General Manager of Robots Hans Peter Brøndmo revealed that Alphabet’s moonshot division X is still striving to make science fiction robots a reality.
Brøndmo outlined some of the unit’s existing efforts and noted how its scientists, engineers, designers, and other experts are still fully committed to delivering solutions that can improve the everyday lives of millions of people in a wide variety of ways and have previously only been the focus of pop culture. The robotics expert also said that people’s very notion of a robot is still somewhat misguided, noting how just because highly advanced and sentient robot butlers still aren’t a thing doesn’t mean that science hasn’t been making massive progress on this front in recent years. Alphabet’s inventions have already started transitioning to the consumer segment with inventions like automated vacuum cleaners and smart speakers.

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