AI Analyzes Shopper’s’ Mood to Sway Shopping Experience

Published by , July 31, 2017 12:40 pm

( The in-store shopping experience is becoming more high-tech from smart mirrors that allow you to try on clothes ‘virtually’ to mood retail softwares that build a tailored wardrobe based on an analysis of a customer’s thoughts and feelings. This is making for a revolution in mood retail: computer algorithms that analyse a customer’s mood to deliver them a personalised shopping experience.Examples include clothing brand Finery’s In the Mood For, a browsing tool that asks online shoppers to choose between a series of visual cues to determine what mood they are in and help identify the garment that best suits their frame of mind.
But just as social media and news sites have come to criticism for insulating users in an echo chamber of narrow-mindedness, retail sites are guilty of the same. Algorithms can limit our online shopping choices and edging out opportunities to experiment with something new.