Press & Testimonials

“[RoboUniverse] is an exciting new tradeshow option for the industry. I met many qualified attendees and business prospects. I look forward to participating in future RoboUniverse events.”
David Askey, CEO, Ascend Robotics

“I would like to thank you again for organizing such a professional and relevant conference and exposition. The RoboUniverse NYC (May 2015) speaker lineup was world class – I am confident this event will grow rapidly in coming years. The general feedback was that there is no such other conference today and people were very intrigued with the interdisciplinary presentation.”
Ofer Shochet, Founder, Golem Robotics

“RoboUniverse was a grand slam for EZ-Robot. In addition to networking with many top influencers within the robotics industry, we’ve already generated several sales as a direct result and are projecting revenue of more than 100x the cost of participating, within the next 18 months.”
Dennis Kambeitz, Education & Business Development, EZ-Robot

“RoboUniverse NYC was not only a tremendous networking event, it also produced several strong business and learning opportunities. The RoboUniverse team was excellent to deal with from top to bottom, and the expo was vibrant and busy from start to finish… it’ll take me a week to get my voice back.”
Dennis Kambeitz, Education & Business Development, EZ-Robot

“The agenda in New York was loaded with some of the biggest influencers in the industry. From Rodney Brooks of Rethink Robotics to Colin Angle of iRobot, the newness of the show didn’t hinder the headliners, further proving the prevalence of robots as a service.”
Robot Magazine

“RoboUniverse is a bot-lovin’ powwow of makers, manufacturers, researchers, engineers, and fans of all automated things that whir and bleep.”

“From manufacturing to toys, robots are becoming a part of our everyday lives, whether you realize it or not. The recent RoboUniverse Conference and Expo helps prove just how sophisticated robots have become.”
NY1 News

“In the ever evolving world of robotics, we see a constant interweaving of new and disruptive technologies. With the newest robotic developments arriving in the form of service and collaborative robots, RoboUniverse Conference & Expo was created this year by MecklerMedia as a platform for end users of this technology.”

“The conference hosted a wide selection of robotic companies, demonstrating some of the latest robotic arms, tools, and toys available.”
Machine Design

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