Yaskawa Chair Predicts Robots Will ‘Co-Exist’ with Humans in Workplaces

Published by , November 28, 2016 2:24 am

(TechWorld) Robots will routinely work alongside human beings within factories, distribution centers and other workplaces, according to Junji Tsuda, chairman of Japanese robots firm Yaskawa Electric Corporation. Robots are set to become far more embedded into our daily working lives, ‘coexisting’ with humans on a daily basis within workplaces, according to Tsuda. “This is major, it’s a good collaboration and it is opening a new market in many different fields.” he said.
Yaskawa was founded in Japan 100 years ago as a motor manufacturer and created its first ‘mechatronic’ robotic machine 50 years ago, introducing the ability to move from mechanical transmission to ‘cyber controlled transmission’, Tsuda explained.

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