WORX Landroid Robot Mows the Lawn Without Supervision

Published by , June 5, 2017 11:50 am

(AZoRobotics)  The new WORX Landroid robot mows the lawn without any supervision and also knows when to avoid obstacles, mow, come in out of the rain, charge automatically, stop if picked up, and also sound an alarm if it encounters an attempted theft. Landroid is specially designed so that it can cut up to a quarter acre (10,800 square feet) of lawn. Three hours is the estimated mowing time to cut 1,100 square feet.
It takes up to three to four hours for the initial setup. The homeowner walks the property and then marks the mower’s territory using a border wire, which is staked or buried onto the ground. The grass is strategically cut by Landroid within the perimeter of the boundary wire until the whole lawn is completed.

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