Worldwide Market for Ag Robots Predicted to Grow to $73.9 Billion by 2024

Published by , June 27, 2016 5:50 am

(IowaFarmerToday) Robots are taking a greater role in everyday tasks on farms. Demand for ag robots is being driven by global trends in population growth, an increasing strain on food supplies, availability of farm labor and cost of farm workers. Forecasts for the worldwide market for ag robots predict it will increase from $3 billion in 2015 to $73.9 billion in 2024.
Robots are already down on the farm. Iowa-based Kinze Manufacturing unveiled an autonomous row-crop solution several years ago which included a combine and tractor with grain cart that is equipped with GPS sensors so the grain can be unloaded on-the-go. Minnesota-based Autonomous Tractor Corporation (ATC) has been transforming modern tractors that farmers already own into more efficient farm bots. This spring, ATC completed the first retrofit of a tractor with its commercial product eDrive, a diesel-electric system that replaces old mechanical drivetrains with electric motors.

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