World’s First Robotic Surgery Inside Patient’s Eye

Published by , September 12, 2016 2:39 am

(BBC) In a world first, surgeons used a robot to operate inside the eye and restore sight. Robot assisted surgery is commonplace, but until now had never been used inside the eye. Professor Robert MacLaren from University of Oxford, who led the procedure, told me: “Operating at the back of the eye needs great precision, and the challenge has been to get a robot system to do that through a tiny hole in the wall of the eye without causing damage as it moves around.
A team at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital used the device, controlled via a joystick, to remove a membrane one hundredth of a millimetre thick for patient Bill Beaver, 70, a curate in Oxford, said it was “a fairytale”.
Surgeons hope the procedure will pave the way for more complex eye surgery than is currently possible with the human hand.

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