What Does Dallas’ Use of Bomb Robot Mean for Policing in the Future

Published by , July 11, 2016 1:08 am

(ChristianScienceMonitor) Experts say the Dallas’ police department’s use of of a robot being a bomb to kill a suspect is a first in the history of US law enforcement. While robotic drones are used for kill missions in several military contexts around the globe, the appearance of a killer robot on American soil has sparked renewed debate about the use of this kind of technology.
Robot technology has become a common way for law enforcement to gain control in hostage, bomb, and barricade situations, says Joseph Pollini, a retired NYPD lieutenant commander who was involved in hostage negotiations during his time with the force. Viewing the situation with an eye to the future raises a question about what the future of policing-and violence in general- could look like when combined with evolving robotic and drone technology.

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