Time for Honest Political Debate on the Future of Work in the Era of Robotics

Published by , October 16, 2017 12:17 pm

(DigitalJournal) The predictive data on robotics and future jobs is contradictory and this hampers policy making. Whichever path of futurism is correct, robotics are likely to change at least some aspects of work as we know it today and it is time for politicians to open up an honest debate on the subject. Technology is not deterministic, nor is it neural. it’s up to people what they chose to do with it.
On the most part, politicians are not addressing the socioeconomic implications. One exception is Jeremy Corbyn, who raised the subject of robotics to an address to his Labour Party’s affiliated party The Co-operative Party in October 2017. Corbyn warned of the risk to jobs to automation. As alternative vision, Corbyn sees an employment opportunity if the control of the robots is put under the control of the workers who will lose their jobs to automation.

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